Do need help raising funds for a community organization, school, PTA, church, business or not for profit?

Spirit Night FUN’d raising!

This is a simple and easy way to raise money for your organization.
• Schedule your event (Tuesday – Saturday) 
• Hand out fliers (we can help design them)
• Encourage friends, family and community members to attend your event
• Provide other games or activities at time of event (we can help with ideas)

For each flier that is returned at the time of event and purchase we will give you 15% of the total amount back. 

Race Day FUN’d raising!

Want to raise funds by hosting a road race or obstacle course race and don’t have a clue how to get started?  Contact us.  We have a certified race specialist on staff. 

Fo'Social FUN’d raising!

What is a Fo'Social? It's were you purchase our food at cost and resell it at your fund raiser for profit - Food Social!

Sell Gift Cards and Keep 50% of the Proceeds!

This is another great way for you to raise funds for your church, school or community event and we can help by donating 50% of all gift card profits from your group’s sales efforts.