Business of the Year - 2013

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We are extremely honored and most humbled that we received this award from the Rogersville Area Chamber of Commerce.  The other businesses (Greenbox Photography, Mahogany Bay Ranch and Hometown Furniture Company) that were nominated were as deserving of this award!

Red Rock is looking forward to the new changes coming to the restaurant.  We are adding country cooking, more tastey burgers, pulled pork and dessert to our menu.  We are also changing over to a full service restaurant.  You can still come in and get your items to go or have a quick lunch but we are adding the full service dining experience as well.

Red Rock is also adding a line of Christian apparel, gifts and supplies via Cherished Girl and Kerusso.  We are also adding lovely art work by CarpenTree.  Over the past year we have hosted many bible study groups, YoungLife, counseling (one on one witnessing) and supplied much needed food to kids in need.  We would like to continue this work along with influencing others to do the same.

Coffee shops serves need of community

March 18, 2013|by Linda Russell, KY3 News | lrussell@ky3.com

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--  It's a coffee shop serving up more than just coffee, smoothies and sandwiches.  Red Rock Coffee Company is also serving its community, free of charge. The food made fresh daily at Red Rock Coffee Company is pleasing more than just those who stop in at the new Rogersville shop. 

Owner Alicia Adamson said, "Our muffins, bagels, biscuits, our granola, soup.  We don't actually use any of it the next day.  It's all made fresh every day, so anything we have left over, we freeze it and then we send it over to them."  ... go to article

Red Rock Coffee Company opened Thursday

By Karen Bliss karenb@southcountymail.com

ROGERSVILLE, Mo.--  Thursday area locals gained a new flavor of coffee to try in Rogersville. Several flavors, in fact. 
The Red Rock Coffee Company, which also has meal options, is a specialty coffee shop that Rogersville’s citizens have been talking about for months.

“We are flexible and will cater to what the Rogersville area needs,” said co-owner Brandon Adamson, who owns the restaurant with his wife, Alicia, who is also a self-employed personal exercise trainer. “We’re excited to have people in here trying coffees of different origins.”

The restaurant’s grand opening is scheduled for 6 a.m. at its location near Apple Market and Rogersville Pharmacy, 319 S. Main St., Suite T. Adamson said for those not interested in variety coffees, there are other drink options such as specialty teas, smoothies, frappes and food options for the whole family. .... go to article